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Why Go-red?

We are backed by the management of more than 200,000 services.

Support and systems

We offer on-site and remote technical assistance. We diagnose and solve problems related to software, hardware, peripheral devices or networks. We guide and support in the installation and maintenance of our technologies.

We provide guidance, configure, migrate, virtualize and optimize servers, operating systems and applications.


We safeguard your business information, reducing the risks of threats through preventive measures and action plans.
We perform vulnerability and risk analysis, intrusion testing, web hacking prevention, wifi security protocols review and continuous monitoring.

Backup and storage

The success of companies depends on the correct management of information and data. It is necessary to keep all information accessible for a certain period of time. We have backup and storage solutions that meet the high flexibility, availability and performance requirements you need.


The cloud platform is tailored to the specific requirements of your business model. Optimize costs and pay only for what you need! It is flexible, secure, adaptable and without restrictions. We develop high-availability environments that guarantee the continuity of your business 365 days a year, securely and with ease of management.


We transform your company's network and communications infrastructure into a stable, collaborative, reliable and scalable environment.

Our goal is to examine your infrastructure, ensuring its reliability, improving the speed of data transmission and reducing the overall cost of all operations.

Financing and replacement of terminals

Enjoy the latest terminals along with the possibility of financing, at no additional cost. You will be able to replace all the terminals due to breakage or breakdown with a completely new one within 48 to 72 hours.

Why do you recommend us?



We analyze your bill and offer you the tariff that best suits your consumption, even if it is international or roaming.



We adapt to the circumstances of each client, managing it according to their needs.



Whether it is for an activation or a return, we obtain immediate results in record time thanks to our specific tools and platforms.



We always offer you solutions. We will never hang up on you without offering one.



All companies are equally important: large companies, SMEs, freelancers or individuals.



No transfers, department changes or long waits. We are just a phone call, email or chat away.



You will end up knowing the name of our entire Go-red team. It will never happen to you in another company.



If the country you are traveling to is expensive, we will tell you, even if it means not activating a service that we would bill you for.



If you run out of internet, we will lend you a 4G MIFI while you get it fixed.



We review your invoice before sending it to you and we do not send the receipt until 24 hours later in case you have any doubts.